Comparison Cripples

Comparison. A very real and raw topic in this world today. Why do we all struggle to be content with who we are? We are always looking to follow trends and to look a certain way, according to what society accepts or portrays. We say, if only I could look like that? I wish I had, what if I could have? Why can't I have? Why me? Why can't I be? I want to. I need to. Notice a pattern with these words? They all involve a common theme.

Running through Greece

Adventuring through Greece was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved every part of the journey, including the travel. Running and exercising in different countries is one of the most liberating feelings. Exploring the breathtaking nature and culture, while maintaining your fitness. 

Resilience during pain, injury & illness

Injuries. Pain. Sickness. Chronic health conditions.  These are all challenges many of us face on a daily basis. Some people may have had recent surgery, be unwell with a chronic condition or have pain in their body that limits and inhibits their regular exercise and quality of life. 

Rest Brings Vision

Everyone has set backs with their exercise. Sickness, injury, stress, busy lives and fatigue can all create periods where our exercise routines are disrupted. Personally, I have sustained many injuries and had two surgeries which have caused setbacks and long periods of “forced” rest.

My Story

In 2005 I was inspired by a triathlete who spoke to the school about his experience with the gruelling 3 discipline sport. I thought well I can run and cycle, surely swimming can’t be that hard? I had learnt how to at least float and blow bubbles, so I thought I would join the school triathlon team. It wasn’t before long and I was beating the boys on my mountain bike on the grass.