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Rest Brings Vision

Rest Brings Vision


Hey Girl,

Let's talk about REST. Everyone has setbacks. Sickness, injury, stress, busy lives and fatigue can all create periods where our exercise routines are disrupted. Personally, I have sustained many injuries and had two surgeries which have resulted in long periods of “forced” rest. I initially got despondent and it really got me down. I thought that by not exercising I would lose shape or be unhealthy. There is always a door of opportunity that opens in moments like these. I used rest to my advantage. Through rest I was able to start reading again. Some days, I would not even sit down until I went to sleep at night. Rest allowed me to clear my mind and make changes in my life that I would have otherwise, not considered. I continued to eat healthy food and planned daily "moments of rest", even if it was just sitting outside. 

Rest is so fundamental in this world of busyness. 

In fact, busyness can be the enemy of the soul. It can rob you of personal growth by preventing you from reflection and prosperity. Busyness does not mean balanced.


I truly believe, being busy all the time and failing to rest is detrimental to our health. We live in a world of instant gratification, rapidly evolving technology and high expectations. We work until we burn out with the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff mentality", waiting until we tip over the edge before we do something about it.

 The truth is, we have this overwhelming pressure to portray our lives in the most glamourous way possible, conforming to trends, like "being busy" and we are constantly striving to achieve a particular status or to please others. I know I fell into this vicious cycle of people pleasing, instead of looking after my health. I found it hard to say no to work because I was scared I would disappoint someone. I couldn't even sustain the adrenaline driven life I was living, constantly on the go and fuelled by caffeine. 

I still struggle with finding rest, however, my latest surgery helped me to be still in the chaos. I was able to capture my thoughts, write down my goals and actually think without the distractions and “noise”. I realised that my life was not even going in the direction I wanted it to. It was this moment of rest that changed my direction in life.  I realised I wanted to start something completely new. I read a powerful quote “solitude is the furnace of transformation.” Solitude means to be alone, to rest and to reflect. 


7 ways to integrate REST in your busy life: 

  1. Set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to write in a journal, read, listen to calm music, close your eyes and light some candles. 

  2. Take small rests throughout the day- even just 5 minutes to get up and walk outside, take 5 deep breaths. 

  3. At least one day a week with NO scheduled gym, training or exercise classes. Go for a casual walk along the beach or just stretch and rest. 

  4. Plan an annual holiday out of the city or overseas.

  5. Go to sleep at night with your phone on the other side of the room. 

  6. Realise it is okay to rest. Your body needs it. 

  7. Be organised, manage your time well, write a list and prioritise your day.  



Cheers Girls

P.S be authentic, resilient and fearless

Hayleigh x 

Resilience during pain, injury & illness

Resilience during pain, injury & illness

My Story

My Story